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New regional zone available for Hawaii

Hawaii has ambitious projects in the green energy sector, especially in the offshore wind industry with multiple projects in the years to come.

Only 22% of the Hawaiian grid is supplied by green energy for the moment but that portion of renewable energy should increase in the near future. Indeed, it is supposed to reach 30% in 2020, 70% for 2040 to finally reach 100% by 2045. Hawaii has already invested in solar energy by installing solar panel on individuals homes and businesses. There was 674 MW of installed distributed solar capacity at the end of 2016. For the moment, 114 onshore wind turbines supply the state for a total capacity of 206 MW. The development of new offshore wind projects is the next phase to reach a full renewable energy production.
Projects should start in 2025 with two wind farms, one near the coastline of Oahu and another south of Diamond Head, each of them being constituted of 50 floating turbines for a total capacity of 400 MW. For now, the inhabitants of the island are paying the highest electricity rates in the country because of the oil imported across the Pacific Ocean to fuel oil-fired electricity plants. But wind energy should allow them to pay cheaper prices soon.  

If you consider any offshore project in Hawaii, Open Ocean provides all the regional metocean datasets that you need ! This is especially relevant  during the pre-feasibility, feasibility or bidding phase to estimate cost but also the working conditions with the Advanced Weather Downtime tool.
In addition, Open Ocean can assist with more tailored missions as a consultancy for instance to compute extreme wind or wave values based on the innovative RFA analysis methodology developed internally, which allows for more accurate extreme values estimate in regions like Hawaii affected by superstorms such as cyclones, hurricanes or tropical storms.
To make the best choice and find the best location for your offshore project, Open Ocean’s unique online solution, Metocean Analytics, gives you a quick and easy access to reliable current, wave, wind statistics, essential for your project development ! Open Ocean’s team also fulfills any specific metocean analysis request such as including your own data into Metocean Analytics.

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