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India offshore wind development is officially starting

In January 2018, the Indian government had announced its plan to auction 1000 MW of offshore wind power for this region with the plan to set up a total 5 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2022. The auction process has been official launched in April with a deadline on May 25th 2018. This concrete step forward will surely help India to reach its clean energy goals.

The expression of interest associated with the auction indicates the development of a first 1000 MW commercial offshore wind farm to be set up in the gulf of Khambhat on the coast of Gujarat.

It is the perfect region for offshore wind business because it offers a large wind resources potential, around 106 000 MW power generation, near high-energy demand places. But project developers need to get a better understanding of the metocean conditions on site and an evaluation of the risk to succeed.

With our online solution, Metocean Analytics, we can give you an offshore site first overview. We help tender manager for their proposal and we can also provide you with a full site characterization. To make the best choice and find the best location for your offshore project, Open Ocean’s unique online solution, Metocean Analytics, gives you a quick and easy access to the essential wind, wave and ocean current statistics for your project development.

And for every tailored study, the expertise of our Open Ocean consultancy team completes the capacity of Metocean Analytics with Ocean current & wave tailored numerical modeling, In-situ data analysis or Metocean desktop studies.



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