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The Baltic Sea, a sea of interest

The Baltic Sea region attracts a lot of interest with many offshore wind projects already being developed and still a lot of potential available. The surrounding countries  including Germany, Poland, Finland and Estonia are pushing for these offshore development but are at different stages in terms of supply chain capability.

Today, the Baltic Sea has 1.5 GW of offshore wind power already in production but by 2030, the Baltic Sea could become the 2nd largest basin for offshore wind with a potential of 9 GW, according to WindEurope. In september 2017, Wind Europe and many wind associations coming from Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have signed the Baltic Sea Declaration on offshore wind in Tallinn. This declaration of intent aims at mobilizing all the stakeholders to make sure that the renewable energy potential of the Baltic Sea is well exploited with the goal for countries to reduce their use of non-renewable energies.


In order to achieve this goal, Open Ocean offers key valuable informations for your offshore projects in the Baltic Sea such as Full site characterization, Extreme value analysis for design and Weather window estimate for operation planning through the online solution Metocean Analytics.
Open Ocean also fulfills any specific metocean request through consultancy services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering an offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea.

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