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The future of renewable marine energy projects in France

For 12 years now, the French Assises of sea economy, has been the principal annual meeting for the french maritime community. This meeting gathers all the representative of small and big companies in the industry. This year, Nicolas Hulot, the French minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity  gave a speech at that event and  confirmed the position of France in terms of renewable energy, marine renewable energy in particular.

The goal of France in terms of energy is to reach 40% of renewable energy by 2030. To do so, the minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, hands in hands with the minister of Transport, Élisabeth Borne have determined many goals and priorities to make sure that this renewable transition happens while all studies agree that oceans will play a more and more fundamental role for our economies.

One of the major decision in terms of renewable offshore energy is the simplification of administrative procedures. For now, between the moment when there is a call for tender and the moment where the project starts, more than 7 years passes by... It is, of course, too long to motivate and support the maritime sector in their ecological transition and therefore to accelerate the development of renewable marine energy in general. The minister wants to use a “Permit envelope” as it is already implemented in Denmark and England. This envelope is essential for projects that requires long-term development such as offshore wind project.

Today, the developer must define with precision the project and its characteristics and if a new technology that could reduce environmental impact, for instance, were to appear, the company would have to make modifications and so starts the procedure from the beginning. In order to remedy this issue, the Permit envelope gives flexibility by avoiding this list of specific details to be provided at the beginning and so a better control of the completion deadlines for offshore energy industries.

Other goals which have been discussed during this meeting is the implementation of a one call for tender per year rule during the five years of the Present Emmanuel Macron governance, the modernisation and digitalization of seaport to increase their competitiveness and because 80% of sea pollution comes from land, of course to pursue the protection and restoration of marine environment. Citizen mobilization will also be a priority. The government wants to educate and sensitize the youngs to marine issues. They are encouraged to submit to the government projects that could help preserve the marine environment.

To develop offshore wind projects, knowledge of metocean conditions are essential to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your project. This is why Open Ocean has created and developed Metocean Analytics, an online tool providing metocean studies based on historical waves, currents, wind and ocean temperature datasets covering the whole globe.

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Source: Paris Normandie (photo JS Evrard)