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Les dernières nouvelles d'Open Ocean et des secteurs dans lequels nous intervenons

Australia area is now available in Metocean Analytics

With a long and largely deep-water coastline, surrounded by four main ocean currents, Australia has high potential for offshore projects but presents strong challenges. 

Australia is in an area with frequent cyclones and exploring it requires a thorough knowledge of metocean conditions. Metocean Analytics gives you access to metocean conditions, analyzing the location of your choice in just a few minutes. 

If your company is planning to start a project around the Australia area, which includes New Caledonia, the south of Papua New Guinea and the south of Indonesia, Metocean Analytics provides you now with the wind, wave, ocean current, temperature and salinity data and statistics based on regional numerical datasets. 

These new datasets are of higher spatial resolution than the datasets previously available over that region through Metocean Analytics.

Open  Ocean continuously updates its catalogue to provide you with the best data possible.

To explore the Australia area, you need to get started with Metocean Analytics. Contact us to know more about our data analyses and ask for a demo.