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Metocean Analytics is a combination of scientific expertise and several technologies to deliver the most relevant metocean analysis

for your offshore project

Metocean Analytics

Numerical modelling expertise

Open Ocean has a strong expertise in several numerical modelling tools on structured and unstructured grids (Wavewatch III, Telemac, Tomawac, Mars, Gerris). With these tools, Open Ocean can produce long ocean currents, wave and wind numerical simulations.

Numerical modelling expertise

Data Catalogue

Metocean Analytics relies on a large catalogue of quality controlled wave, ocean, current and wind data produced in-house or obtained from reference research centers (Ifremer, NCEP etc) Each dataset quality control is presented with relevant statistical results (bias, RMSE, scatter index, correlation).

Data mining

Each dataset included in the catalogue represents hundreds of Gigabytes of data for which specific data mining tools have been developed. These tools allow Metocean Analytics to extract quickly the relevant data at the exact point of interest requested by the user.

Data mining

Statistical Analysis toolbox

A preliminary site characterisation is then obtained from the extracted data by computing all the relevant statistics (scatter plot, joint distribution, extreme value estimate). The dozens of statistics computed require an optimisation and parallelisation of Open Ocean’s statistical toolbox in order to obtain high quality results in a prompt manner. This optimization is specifically designed for the high performance computer cluster set up by Open Ocean.

Visualisation Tools

Metocean Analytics combines several web technology bricks enabling interaction with georeferenced database, dynamic mapping, intuitive HM interface and smart graphical representations of statistical results.

Visualisation Tools
Reporting tool

Reporting Tool

Preliminary metocean analysis reports with key information, maps, tables and graphs are generated in a few clicks by the Metocean Analytics solution through the combination of several web technology bricks.