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India lightened the rules of the offshore wind EOI call

The Indian National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) has decided to relax the rules regarding the EOI Call for 1000 MW offshore wind projects which should have been proposed only in the Gujarat region.

So what has changed ? The initial EOI call was only for companies with more than 500 MW of installed offshore wind capacity as well as those with more than 500 MW onshore wind capacity. Now, it has been lowered to include also companies with more than 250 MW of installed offshore wind capacity. The conditions have been lightened to allow more bidders to participate. The deadline has also been extended until June 8th.

The potential area for offshore wind projects has also been expanded beyond the Gujarat region and the province of Tamil Nadu has been identified as another region with a lot of potential. In fact, bidders are now allowed to select any location within the EEZ (Exclusive economic zone) of India for their project.

Open Ocean can assist the bidders with any offshore or nearshore projects for India. Thanks to our online solution, Metocean Analytics, you will have a quick and easy access to site characterization for any location along the Indian shore with all the relevant wind, wave and ocean current, statistics you need. This will help you concretely to estimate your costs during the bidding phase of the project. Do you have a specific need for your project? Our team of experts can answer any special metocean request  !

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