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Israel zone: new high quality data zone available in Metocean Analytics

Metocean Analytics presents the new Israel zone, a high spatial data zone located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new zone is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Israel. 

Having natural gas as its primary energy source, Israel has recently made a major gas discovery estimated to contain some 8.9 trillion cubic feet. Explorations are previewed to start in 2019.

According to the CIA Library, Israel has approximately 199 billion cubic meters (cu m) of natural gas proved reserves. Big gas fields such as Leviathan and Tamar aims to rise Israel as a major energy player in the Middle East.

With its tremendous potential, Israel offers great opportunities for companies willing to explore the area.

To help your company develop an offshore project offshore Israel, Open Ocean has conceived Metocean Analytics, an online tool which offers metocean studies based on historical waves, currents, wind and ocean temperature datasets. These new datasets are of higher spatial resolution than the datasets previously available over that region.

For more information about this new zone, please contact us and ask for a demo.