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Caribbean Sea zone now available in Metocean Analytics

Metocean Analytics now includes higher spatial resolution datasets for the Caribbean Sea area, including several islands of the West Indies and adjacent coasts.

The Caribbean Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Mexico and Central America to the west, Cuba to the north, Lesser Antilles to the east and South America to the south. 


The Caribbean weather is influenced by the Gulf Stream and Humboldt Current ocean currents. The tropical location of the sea maintains a warm sea temperature between  21 and 26°C depending on the season. This warm temperature makes the Caribbean Sea a prime region for the development of ocean thermal energy. The waters of the Caribbean Sea also present a real potential for offshore exploration. The area holds an estimated 126 billion barrels (bb) of oil and 679 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of undiscovered natural gas in 31 geologic provinces, according to US Geological Survey. 


The new Caribbean Sea zone includes higher spatial resolution datasets to help your company develop your offshore project in the area. Metocean Analytics is an online solution capable of analyzing terabytes of metocean data, generating statistics and reports personalized to your company’s needs.

Metocean Analytics is the perfect tool for analysing metocean conditions in the Caribbean Sea, offering metocean studies based on historical waves, currents, wind and ocean temperature datasets.

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