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MaRINET2 open calls for offshore developers to gain free access to test facilities

The Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network (MaRINET2) is calling for applications from offshore technology developers to have free access to testing and research infrastructure. Test sites includes wave, offshore wind, electrical/grid integration, tidal and cross-cutting.

MaRINET2 is a €10.5 million project including 39 organisations representing offshore renewable energy testing facilities in Europe and globally. Counting with expertise and participation of 13 countries, MaRINET2 is the second iteration of EU funded MaRINET Infrastructures Network, coordinated and managed by Irish research centre MaREI in University College Cork and avail of the Lir National Ocean Test Facilities.

Project’s goal is to offer to the users free-of-charge access to the research and testing facilities of the MaRINET2 network. As there are are limitations to the amount of access available for each facility, calls for application will be divided into five periods as exemplified below:


Source: MaRINET2

To identify the suitable areas for offshore projects, and find out the constraints on offshore structure, it is necessary to run an extensive analysis of metocean conditions. Metocean Analytics is the perfect tool for this analysis, since it offers metocean studies based on historical waves, currents, wind and ocean temperature datasets.

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