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Trianel and EWE AG to Work Together on Bokum Windpark Phase 2 in Germany

Sustainable energy developers Trianel and EWE AG have signed a joint venture agreement to develop the second phase of Trianel Windpark Borkum in the German North Sea. 

Situated 45 kms off the coast of Bokum, the €800 million expansion venture would produce 200MW, increasing the project’s capacity to 400MW. Ines Kolmsee, Chief Technology Officer of EWS said  "EWE can call upon its expertise from the development and operation of the first German offshore wind farm, Alpha Ventus and the first commercial offshore wind farm, Riffgat.

"Trianel will contribute the knowledge it gained during the development of the Trianel wind farm Borkum Phase 1," he added.

The first expansion stage of the wind farm will generate enough energy to serve the needs of about German 200,000 homes. The offshore substation already in place will be able to accommodate the second part of the project.