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U.S. Holds Vast Offshore Wind Potential

A new report by the U.S. Energy Department has revealed that the nation's offshore wind market has progressed strongly, in conjunction with the start of construction with the country's first commercial offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island. 

A total of 21 offshore wind projects are currently under development in the USA,  out of which 13 projects 6,000MW capacity are in advanced stages of development. The other projects are expected to start commercial operations by 2020.

According to this report, offshore wind projects in the U.S. continue to trend farther from shore and deeper waters while continuing to increase in size. 

This year alone, offshore wind industry has commissioned projects of 1,190MW, increasing the worldwide offshore wind energy capacity to 8,990 MW. With 3,996 MW projects worldwide on track to begin operations, scientists expect 2015 to become a record year for global offshore wind deployments. 

In the coming years, offshore wind would play a crucial role in meeting the USA's increasing energy needs, with 80% of its electricity demand coming from its coastal states.