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USA to Build an Offshore Wind Farm off the North Carolina Coast

Offshore wind farm in North Carolina, USA is now one step closer to reality. The US government has cleared more than 300,000 acres for offshore wind farm development and is moving ahead with the lease-sale process of three potential sites off the North Carolina coast. One of the sites is near Kitty Hawk and the other two are near Wilmington and Bald Head Island. 

In 2009, a study by UNC-Chapel Hill revealed that the winds off North Carolina coast carry a significant potential for energy production.

Subsequently, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the organisation that manages offshore wind power development in the USA announced the completion of an environmental review and declared there would be no significant environmental or socio-economical impacts due to this project. 

BOEM Director Abigail Ross said  “After considering public input and conducting a thorough environmental review, we believe that wind leasing and site characterization activities can be done in a manner that will continue to allow for other uses, and be compatible with the environment." 

Additionally, American offshore wind energy developer, Deepwater Wind is constructing the country’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island, while an auction for the New Jersey offshore wind farm is expected to take place later this year and the planning for offshore sites off New York and South Carolina is ongoing.