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Siemens Ventures into Taiwan's Offshore Wind Market

Power and Renewables division of German engineering enterprise Siemens has marked its first offshore wind power project in Taiwan as it signed a supply deal with Swancor Ind Co.

The preparation work for the Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm Phase 1 project between Siemens Taiwan and Formosa I (subsidiary of Swancor)  has already started. 
Siemens will install its SWT-4.0-120 wind turbines of the G4 product platform, each with a capacity of 4MW, around 6 kilometers off the west coast of Miaoli county, in water depths of around 15 to 30 meters. In addition to this, Siemens has bagged a 10-year service and maintenance agreement to help ensure quality.

Erdal Elver, CEO of Siemens Taiwan said "It symbolises an important milestone in the development of Taiwan's renewable and offshore wind power. Through the cooperation between Siemens and Formosa I Wind Power Co, we are looking forward to helping Taiwan develop a diverse energy mix."

"The offshore wind resources around the west coast of Taiwan are abundant, with a potential capacity of more than 6,000 megawatts in water depths of less than 50 meters.That means offshore wind power energy along Taiwan's western coast is expected to drive 4,000 full-load hours, about 10%-15% higher than European projects."  

Taiwan's government intends to expand its offshore wind power to a total capacity of 4,000 megawatts by 2030, as a part of 'Grow Taiwan Together' initiative.