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Open Ocean's team now joins ARTELIA GROUP.

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New regional zone Japan-Korea available

Numerous offshore wind projects are planned in Japan and South Korea. South Korea has the ambition to add 12 GW of capacity from new offshore wind power plants by 2030 while Japan has clearly announced that, reducing the cost of floating turbines to make them more affordable by 2020 is essential to the good development of the offshore wind sector in the country and to reduce its dependence on fossil energy.

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New regional zone available for Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most active country developing offshore wind after Europe with a quick growth as it ranks third in terms of offshore wind projects.

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India lightened the rules of the offshore wind EOI call

The Indian National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) has decided to relax the rules regarding the EOI Call for 1000 MW offshore wind projects which should have been proposed only in the Gujarat region.

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New regional zone available for Hawaii

Hawaii has ambitious projects in the green energy sector, especially in the offshore wind industry with multiple projects in the years to come.

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