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Open Ocean’s expertise has been recognized for its strong added value in the decision process for Wave & Tidal project management



Customer: Hydroquest
Context: Hydroquest is developing an innovative vertical axis tidal turbine that is relevant for many sites around the world.
Challenge: Hydroquest needed to obtain the ocean current and wave characteristics of several tidal energy sites of interest around the world for engineering design purposes.
Solution:  Open Ocean has provided Hydroquest with an access to the Metocean Analytics solution. With Metocean Analytics, Hydroquest obtained directly online all the wind, wave, and ocean current average conditions and extreme value analysis required to fully characterize potential tidal energy sites of interest around the world.


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Customer: Menter Môn Cyf

Context: Menter Môn Cyf has been appointed as the Managers for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone by The Crown Estate. The have established Morlais Marine Energy for the purpose of managing this assignment.

Challenge: Menter Môn Cyf needed data and statistics about the wave conditions to present to the potential users of the Demonstration Zone.

Solution:  Using existing wave database available in its extensive catalogue, Open Ocean has provided Menter Môn Cyf with wave characteristics parameters and extreme value analysis for the area of interest offshore southern Wales.


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Customer: ENGIE-Futures Energies

Context: ENGIE-Futures Energies is the business unit in charge of developing and managing renewable energy projects. This includes tidal, offshore wind and floating offshore wind energy

Challenge: ENGIE-Futures Energies is developing numerous offshore renewable energy projects offshore France for which they need an easy and reliable access to ocean current, wave and wind data and statistics.

Solution:  Open Ocean provided ENGIE with an access to Metocean Analytics, the first online solution for metocean study on-demand. Metocean Analytics is the perfect answer to the requirement for metocean analysis at several locations for different projects with a complete flexibility.



Customer: SABELLA

Context: SABELLA is a French company developing the tidal turbine D10. After several years of R&D, the first unit of this turbine has been set up offshore Ushant Island in France in June 2015.

Challenge: After this first installation, SABELLA is looking for new markets around the world for its tidal energy solution with a focus on isolated sites and islands.

Solution: Metocean Analytics provides SABELLA with ocean current and wave statistics to assess tidal energy potential and characteristics of various sites around the world. Metocean Analytics simplifies the identification process for sites of interest and will allow SABELLA to take decisions regarding the feasibility analysis process. 

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Customer: GDF SUEZ-Futures Energies

Context: GDF SUEZ-Futures Energies is a major actor of the renewable energy sector with numerous onshore and offshore wind farms. Moreover, Futures Energies has been  has been awarded in 2013 the rights to set up a pilot tidal farm within the Alderney Race in France.

Challenge : GDF SUEZ Futures Energies required a complete site characterization, metocean analysis and tidal farm yield estimate for the chosen site in order to plan the installation and maintenance.

Solution: Open Ocean performed high resolution wave, 2D and 3D ocean current numerical simulations on unstructured grids to provide Futures Energies with detailed metocean analysis and site characterization over the area of interest within Raz Blanchard. Open Ocean also computed yield estimate for various tidal array setup to decide on the best configuration.

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Customer: Mojo Maritime

Context: Mojo Maritime specialises in Project Management, Engineering and Consultancy services for the marine renewable energy industry.

Challenge: Mojo Maritime required a rapid access to wave and wind data and statistics for operations planning offshore Scotland.

Solution:  Open Ocean provided promptly Mojo Maritime with complete metocean data for a location on the western coast of Scotland. A rapid delivery allowed Mojo Maritime to make appropriate decisions during the operation setup.

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Customer: ESB Innovation

Context: ESB is developing the WestWave project, a wave energy development site on the western coast of Ireland.

Challenge: ESB required metocean design parameters for the dimensioning of measurement buoys and other surface and sub-surface infrastructures. 

Solution: Open Ocean computed significant wave height 1, 5, 10 and 50-year extreme values for an offshore location based on existing long term wave database. Open Ocean then applied wave propagation analytical methods to provide extreme values for a location close to the coast as well.

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